Jesse Carroll, MA, LAMFT

What you can expect from me during our sessions...

Jesse Carroll

My approach to therapy is collaborative, insightful, and non--judgemental with a foundation built on humor, curiosity, and compassion. I believe the best therapy happens when clients feel valued and connected. As such, the most important part of our work together is our connection. There is something powerful in the experience of feeling heard. It can be a transformative experience.

Additionally, you can expect me to be a source of gentle accountability for you. We all have goals we would like to achieve and things we would like to do, but sometimes we lose sight of these goals or feel overwhelmed by them. I will be there to caringly help you course-correct and keep you focused on creating the changes you want to see in your life.

About Jesse

I was drawn to be a therapist, and specifically a marriage and family therapist, because I view the world through a relational lens. Relationships are where we derive the greatest meaning and fulfillment in life. So pursuing a career where I am able to help others to live their best relationships just made sense to me.

As a white cis-gendered hetero male, I recognize that I have an immense amount of privilege, and with that privilege comes responsibility. Responsibility to use that privilege to call out injustice and help to amplify voices that are oppressed by patriarchal systems within society. Moreover, I strive to live as a positive role model to counter the culture of toxic masculinity that males are brought up in.

My clinical interest and passions...

I am interested in finding new ways to help couples to connect more deeply. I have training in Encounter Centered Couples Therapy, which focuses on getting couples to move past superficial content and truly connect with one another’s worlds. Additionally, I believe in the power of preventative care when it comes to couples therapy. I love working with new couples to help them learn the skills they need for their relationship to thrive. We typically are not given the template for how to have a healthy romantic partnership. Yet when our romantic relationships go awry we often blame ourselves. If you were given a test, but never received any materials to study for it you wouldn’t expect a good outcome. I want to give couples the study guide for how to live more satisfying and connected relationships.

I am passionate about working with folks in the geek community who might feel left out by typical mainstream therapeutic approaches. I want clients to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves into the therapy room. I welcome you to share the stories that are important to you and how they have helped to shape your life.

Fun facts about Jesse...

When I’m not practicing therapy, I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and furry companions. I also love playing hockey and engaging in my various fandoms.


Enneagram – Type 9

Fandoms - Star Wars, The Adventure Zone, Game of Thrones (pre-season 8), Stormlight Archive, GBBO, Timberwolves


"To invent your own life's meaning is not easy, but it's still allowed, and I think you'll be happier for the trouble."
—Bill Watterson