Brittany Norwood, MA

What you can expect from me during our session...

I bring a warm and grounded presence to the therapeutic space. You are the expert in your life; I am here as a gentle and aware guide. So often the hardships we encounter cast shadows over our inherent wisdom, strength, and resilience. Together, we will not only nurture what is inside you, but uncover new perspectives, insights, and/or solutions. I will also challenge the parts of you that might be holding you captive, making you feel unfulfilled, inauthentic, or unhappy. Our brains and our bodies are adaptive and incisive, but sometimes the ways we have learned to adapt and cope that help us survive keep us ruminating in harmful, negative patterns. In our work together, you can expect to develop ways to emotionally regulate, exercise control, cultivate self-awareness and awareness of others, and break any harmful thought or behavior patterns keeping you stuck or feeling unbalanced.

I am mindful and direct in my therapeutic approach. I believe in the power of connection, compassion, validation, and accountability. I implement into my practice Structural Theory, Systemic Theory, Collaborative Therapy, and Internal Family Systems. My approach to growth and healing is collaborative as each individual comes with unique experiences, beliefs, values, and needs. I am intentional in my use of humor and even irreverence as I find both to be powerful ways to gain perspective and relief. All humans deserve someone who can sit alongside them—without judgement—and feel seen, valued, accepted, and accountable. And while we all carry judgement, the greatest antidote to judgement is compassion, connection, and empathy.


About Brittany

Simply put, I chose to become a therapist because of my deep compassion for—and interest in— the light and dark sides of humanity, of life itself. I became a Marriage and Family Therapist because of my relational and systemic perspective. The core of marriage and family therapy extends beyond the limitations of viewing only the individual and aims to see all of the various influences that make up the human condition and individual experience. Understanding a person's origins, connecting that to where they are, and further developing to where they want to be is paramount to my work as a relational therapist.

I have worked with people who have experienced (or are experiencing) interpersonal violence, sexual violence, chemical addiction, stress and anxiety, and life transitions. I am passionate about social justice issues and the intersection of identities within systems of oppression and privilege.

I received my B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I recently obtained my M.A. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. I have received training in Brainspotting, Prepare-Enrich premarital couples assessment, and Psychological First Aid.

My Clinical Interests and Passions

I am consistently curious about the complex systems that influence how we develop, adapt, and interact as individuals and as communities—whether personal, cultural, political, spiritual, or professional. I am particularly interested in trauma work and the impact that shame and fear has on our development and overall sense of self. I acknowledge and honor that trauma exists on a spectrum. I am specifically looking to work with families, couples, and individuals dealing with relational, intimacy, and sexual concerns. I have a keen interest in working with individuals dealing with grief and loss, stress and anxiety, and addiction and recovery. I enjoy working with the LGBTQIA community and specifically couples work. I appreciate all forms of coupling and partnerships. I am kink-friendly.

It takes courage to navigate your boundaries and I will welcome that courage with compassion, authenticity, and grit. I look forward to meeting you and sending you warmth and gratitude on your current journey and our future journey together.

Fun facts about Brittany...

I have a close relationship with Nature and a daily meditation practice. I love collecting animal skulls and bones. I enjoy scary movies. I practice Krav Maga. I love all kinds of poetry, even if it is considered "bad." Oh, and I really want to go to outer space and the depths of the ocean, but I accept that I more than likely will not experience either.

Ennegram: 8 with a 9 wing

Clifton Strengths: Connectedness, Empathy, Adaptability, Activator, Arranger


"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty."
—Maya Angelou