Jennifer Nguyen, MA, LAMFT

What you can expect from me during our sessions...

I hold that every person is worthy of a safe, unbiased, and productive opportunity to process their experiences. With how uncertain and complex life can be, I believe that every person carries their own "griefcases," a place where we store memories of when we have lost our sense of control, the times when we’ve lost touch with our relationships with others and ourselves.

Jennifer Nguyen

I am eager to walk alongside you while you journey towards living a life that is more authentic and genuine. I believe that people have an innate goodness and that quality is attainable through a connection with self and others. Science shows that our brains are most optimal in building new neural pathways through our relationships with other people. Thus, therapy is the jumping off point to gaining a sense of autonomy over our mental, physical, and emotional health while creating these stronger neural pathways.

I meet clients, couples, and families where they are at. Therapy with me is tailored and built collaboratively to each systems’ needs. My therapeutic approach is integrative and holistic. I take time to develop a strong therapeutic connection in order to understand the full and make the most out of each session. You can expect a dynamic that honors the journey that has brought you here to my office. With me, you will receive a therapist who works to create an environment of safety where trust can flourish and you, as my client, can foster the change you desire. You can expect both comforting and light-hearted sessions and sessions where conversations can be uncomfortable to help you reach your own truth. Often, we are so swallowed up by our pain, we forget our magic.

I navigate my work through strength-based and solution-focused therapy. I believe that people have the strength within to make the changes they want to see. Often, our inner narratives hold us back from seeing our own potential.

About Jennifer

Fortunately and unfortunately, I am just another hopeless romantic that believes in the strength of love and connection. My fascination with love and relationships is what brought me into the field of Marriage and Family Therapy. On my journey, I learned that Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) was so much more. Being an MFT means that we honor the roots and multiple systems (family, job, community, school, place of worship, etc.) that an individual is embedded into.

Personally, being born to immigrant parents and growing up and working in a diverse community has given me a rich appreciation for the various systems that a person finds themselves in daily. I learned firsthand that these systems have the power to build a person up and help them reach their goals—but just as often, these same systems can also place challenging roadblocks and unbelievably heavy pressures.

I identify as a Vietnamese American woman, so I have a keen awareness for the multicultural backgrounds of those who come into each session.

I came into this profession to help bridge the gap between mental health access and marginalized communities of color and the GLBTQIA+ community. In 2015, I received my BS in Psychology from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and in 2020, I graduated with an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary’s University. I would be honored to hold space for you, to listen deeply to your stories, and witness all the intersections in your life. I honor all the facets that brings you to therapy and the roots of all the aspects of your life that will assist in healing you.

I have completed the following trainings:

My clinical interest and passions...

I have a strong passion for working with marginalized communities. I embrace the intersections and the discomfort that comes from being a member of these communities. Building a bridge to mental health access for communities from marginalized spaces is at the heart of why I pursued a career in therapy. As a lover of love, I want to work with individuals, families, and couples and partnerships of all forms, to foster that safety and connection within themselves and with one another.

I am bilingual in both Vietnamese and English. I am dedicated to working with individuals rooted in immigrant families, GLBTQIA individuals of color, partnerships and families of all forms. I am strongly interested in the relationship between spirituality and queerness. In addition to working with the tension or trauma that can occur in the parent/child dynamic of addressing and understanding sexuality.

Fun facts about Jennifer...

I enjoy delicious food, cold coffee, and traveling with friends and family. I love exploring and discovering new spots around the Twin Cities. When I am not exploring little bits of this city, you can find me on the weekends volunteering as a youth leader at my Vietnamese parish.


Enneagram – Type 9


"The place of true healing is a fierce place. It's a giant place. it's a place of monstrous beauty and endless dark and glimmering light."
—Cheryl Strayed