Respecting the needs of our larger community, we are following recommendations of the CDC. For the foreseeable future (presumably into the fall or winter of 2020), all appointments will be held via telehealth. Please check with your specific therapist for information on how to access your specific virtual therapy room.

Valuing the personal narrative. Honoring equally all aspects of self. Esteeming connections.

Knowing that you are seen and feeling attached is paramount to quality therapy.

Our clinic, IRWB, was created to offer you a different experience for individual and relational therapy.

We offer individual, group and relational counseling that considers the multiple intersections of the social, emotional, and political contexts of our world. Founded on the premise of creating an open and non-judgmental space for work in trauma, relational difficulties, LGBTQ and other gender and sexual minorities/diversities, anxiety, and relational addiction.


Supervision for licensure that utilizes the greatest strength in each therapist…your experiential lens and intuition.

IRWB, we offer this lens as well as the often overlooked aspects of integration of the therapists "parts"-experience, gut, signature themes, and local knowledge into the supervision experience. Excellent supervision is a 360 degree wrap around experience of coaching, training, mentoring, and teaching.

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Group therapy is, for some individuals, more effective in treating issues of addiction, anxiety, isolation, depression, and trauma than individual therapies.

Our problems thrive in isolation. Group therapy is an excellent way to eradicate feelings of shame and hopelessness.

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"Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."